YouTube-Viacom Copyright Battle Is Back

“The dispute dates from the free-wheeling early days of YouTube when people uploaded videos of cats on skateboards and grainy clips of The Daily Show and South Park. Viacom took issue with the latter and filed a $1 billion copyright suit against YouTube and its new owner, Google, in 2007. Months later, a group of plaintiffs led by the English Premier Suit filed a related class action suit. The parties demanded huge sums of money, saying that YouTube owed them for each copyrighted video that appeared on the site. Viacom wants the panel to declare that the judge made an error when he stated that the safe harbor protection applies to YouTube … According to lawyers from Jenner & Block, YouTube forfeited its right to the safe harbor because it did not make an honest effort to stop the clips from being uploaded and instead focused on growing its online video business at the expense of content owners.”

- YouTube-Viacom Copyright Battle Is Back.

October 2011
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